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Three Organic Essentials You HAVE to Keep in Your Pantry

It was 9 A.M. a month into quarantine and I'd had the cleaning itch for the last two weeks. First, it was the carpets. Then, it was the pantry and fridge. This morning, I had the overwhelming urge to finally rid my shower of the nasty calcium build-up and disgusting *gasp* mold. In the daily grind of things it is easy to overlook just how down-right gross your shower can get, and this morning I finally took notice. After a failed attempt a few months ago to clean it with a conventional chemical cleaner I picked up at the store (it literally did nothing!!) I went to google a more natural approach and was met with my favorite ingredients for anything DIY and organic: baking soda, lemons, vinegar (in my case, ACV, but white works just as well). But, could these three things really work better than a chemical made in a lab to specifically target my shower woes? The answer was YES! I should've taken before and after pictures, but honestly I got this idea for the blog midway through scrubbing mold off the shower. The state of my shower now is night and day, literally (black mold, anyone?). So, in this blog I'm going to share with you my new favorite shower cleaner, along with a number of other uses for my must-have pantry essentials.

DIY Organic Shower Cleaner

Since I've hyped it up, here's how I cleaned my shower in about 20 minutes without harsh fumes and toxic ingredients.


1. Get a small bowl, a fork, an old rag, and the three pantry essentials, baking soda, lemons, and vinegar. 

2. First, pour some vinegar on black mold areas and let soak for a few minutes. The vinegar will help kill the mold and moisten everything up before you scrub. 

3. In the small bowl, add about 2 tablespoons of baking soda, more or less depending on how much of your shower you need to clean, and slowly squeeze in lemon juice from the lemon. It'll fizz up due to the reaction between the baking soda and acid of the lemon juice so it is important you do this in steps. With your fork, mix together the baking soda and lemon juice. Do this until you get a thick paste. 

4. With your old rag, scoop some of the mixture on to it and use a bit of elbow grease on the mold and calcium build-up. It does take some scrubbing but it should come off pretty easily once it's worked in there. 

Repeat all these steps until your shower is sparkling clean! The grittiness of the baking soda is gentle enough to not scratch the shower surface, but enough to get the caked on grime off. The lemons add a fresh scent and help activate the powers of the baking soda for extra cleaning action. And, as I said before, ACV is great for combatting mold.


DIY Organic Carpet Stain Remover

Have a tough stain in the carpet? Sometimes something as simple as lemons and baking soda will get it out! Make sure you have an old toothbrush on you, too.


1. Sprinkle baking soda onto the stain.

2. Add a few spritzes of lemon juice to the baking soda until a thick paste forms.

3. With your toothbrush, softly rub mixture into the carpet.

4. Let sit to dry and vacuum up in a few hours. 

After vacuuming you may want to blot the spot with some water so it isn't sticky from the lemon juice. 


DIY Organic Hair Lightener

Ready to get summer hair ready with a few natural highlights? Or maybe you want an all-over lightening session. You can do it all with these ingredients! 

Natural Highlights Directions

1. Halve a lemon and rub it on your hair where you want to lighten.

2. Sit out in the sun for an hour or two so the citric acid in the lemon juice can activate and lighten your hair. 

3. Shampoo and condition like normal. Repeat until desired lightness is reached over multiple days. 


All-Over Lightener Directions

1. Get a small bowl and add enough baking soda so that a mixture can be evenly distributed on your hair. 

2. Slowly add lemon juice and ACV to the baking soda, making sure to mix evenly. Mix until a thick paste is formed. 

3. Apply the paste to your hair and let it sit for no more than 4 hours. Apply heat once an hour for five minutes. 

4. Shampoo and condition as normal. Repeat over multiple days and weeks until desired color is reached.

For these recipes it is important to really moisturize your hair well after applying as the lemon and baking soda can dry out your hair! It is also important to not try and reach the color you want within a day, or even the same week! Your hair needs to rest and moisturize from the treatments.

Adding ACV to your hair routine is great if you have dandruff, oily hair, or just want to keep your hair healthy and soft. It's not the first thing you might think of when you are wanting to take your hair game to the next level, but it really is a miracle worker! Plus, it doesn't smell when you rinse it out!


Organic Immune Boost

This one is a doozy (you'll know what I mean when you taste it, haha!) but if you need a quick immune boost or just want to keep your gut health in tip-top shape, this is the potion you need!


1. Add half a tablespoon of ACV to a full glass of water. Add in half a lemon's worth of juice. 

2. And down the hatch it goes!

3. Make sure to rinse your mouth, or brush your teeth, afterwards to get the acid from the ACV and lemon off your teeth!

Both lemon and ACV are absolutely amazing for your immune system and overall well-being. ACV is known to reduce blood sugar levels and help your body produce the white blood cells it needs to fight off infections and viruses. It is also great to take if you have allergies or food intolerances as it helps your gut bacteria thrive! Lemon is also a great immune booster and is something I add in wherever I can, especially during cold & flu season!


I hope even one of these recipes helps strengthen your organic lifestyle, or inspires you to start living one once you see how easy and good for you it is! With just three simple, organic ingredients you can solve a number of household problems in no time! Try out one of these recipes, or all of them, and let me know in the comments how it goes! Or, if you have another favorite remedy using these ingredients, let me know that, too! I'm always on the hunt for new natural solutions. 


Stay safe and healthy out there, folks!


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