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Reinvent Your Dry Fall Skin

I might be biased (yay birthday month!), but October is my absolute FAVORITE month of the year. I love the cozy sweaters, the clear nights, the sunsets, but most of all, the cool weather. Emotionally and mentally, it's a pure joy to wake up to dew on the grass and the ultimate sweater weather. Physically though, especially to my skin, it the beginning of a dry, flaky nightmare. Fall and winter have always wreaked havoc on my skin. When I was younger, my hands would become so dry, cracked, and bloody, you'd think I was practicing some killer Halloween makeup on them. This unfortunate fate only turned around when I discovered natural skincare, and ditched the chemical filled "moisturizers" you can buy at the store. Now, my skin is softer than ever and I'm not scared of what the fall and winter might potentially do to my skin. So, if you're looking for some relief, keep reading and I'll tell you how you can get potentially the softest skin of your life.

First thing's first, what causes dry skin?

When combatting something as annoying as dry skin, it is helpful to know what exactly might be causing it. Many times, it is environmental. With the coming cold of winter, this type of weather also brings dry air. Dry air is one of the most common reasons for dry skin, and it is not something that is easily avoidable. When you come into contact with dry, cold air, the water in your skin is easily evaporated out, and your left with dryness. Wind can also have an affect, and dry out your skin. So, next time you venture outside, keep this in mind and bundle up!

You can probably also make some changes to habits you have inside your home. Long, hot showers and baths can also take the moisture out of your skin by removing the protective oils from your skin. Also, the soap or bath additions may be further stripping your skin of its oils if they are not natural and have detergents in them. If this is the case, I highly recommend making sure you are using a highly moisturizing bath agent with plenty of organic oils and butters to help prevent this, then topping off your skin with a moisturizing lotion bar after getting out and drying off. Doing this will allow for moisturizing affects of the oils and butters to begin in the bath, and then securing them in with a protective layer of more butters and oils. You'll not only be treating your skin with all sorts of moisture, but also vitamins and fatty acids that are needed for essential bodily functions.

This last reason for your dry skin is an awful habit of mine that no matter what I try, I can't break it. Licking your lips is a nightmare for the moisture in your lips, especially in the winter and fall. When you lick your lips, you are initially providing moisture to them with your saliva, but once your saliva evaporates off, your lips are dryer than they were before! Additionally, lipsticks made with only trace amounts of, or no, oils and butters will also dry out your lips, causing them to become cracked and painful. Using an organic lip balm or lip stick based with butters and oils is one of the best ways to save your lips and prevent them from becoming more dry. It is the same logic as using an organic lotion bar on your skin after a bath; the butter and oil-based lip balm puts essential vitamins and fatty acids back into your skin cells, providing moisture and the ingredients they need to perform at their peak.

Say goodbye to those flaky spots!

So, I've mentioned these elusive butter and oil based lotions, bath additions, and lip balms, but what exactly does that mean and what should you be looking for? Here are a few key ingredients that are a must for moisturized skin:

Cocoa butter is my all-time favorite butter for supple, happy skin. It smooths on so easily, doesn't leave you feeling greasy, and, to top it off, it smells like chocolate! It's important to choose a product with unrefined, organic cocoa butter to get the most out of its amazing properties. Highly processed, non-organic cocoa butter is filled with chemicals and pesticides that'll do you harm in the long run, and not give you its complete potential for healthy skin.

Vitamin E oil serves as my absolute favorite oil for any skin product. It is an essential vitamin to keep your skin happy and healthy. It does everything from protecting your skin from free radicals, lessens the appearance of scars, and, most of all, helps bring moisture back to dry skin. This one can be tricky, though. Not all vitamin E oil is created equally, and choosing the correct kind will ensure maximum skin benefits. On the market, there is synthetic and plant-based vitamin E. Obviously, you want to stay away from the synthetic version as it is made from unnatural chemicals that can adverse health effects. Plant-based is the only way to go in my book, so make sure you know what kind is being used in the products you're interested in.

Rosehip oil is the last ingredient I'll mention, but it is a powerhouse for moisturized skin. It is full of good-for-you vitamins and hydrating properties, making it the perfect ingredient for soft skin. Rosehip oil not only moisturizes your skin, but it also can reverse the look of aging, smooth wrinkles, and remove dark spots. It's a great addition to any skin routine especially if you have dark spots and scarring from acne.

Dry skin is unavoidable, annoying, and painful. Establishing a moisture-filled skincare routine now before it gets too chilly and dry will ensure that your skin is prepared for the changes ahead. If you are looking for additions to combat the inevitable, check out Terrestrial Organic's array of organic lotion bars, bath butter bombs, and lip balms to start moisturizing your skin the right way with natural, handpicked, organic ingredients that are guaranteed to bring you nothing but soft, supple skin.

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