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Get Ready for Luxury: Organic Bath Butter Bombs

If you haven’t checked out what’s new in the shop lately, you probably missed the best thing since sliced bread. No kidding. I spent hours carefully crafting the perfect addition for your bath, and I could not be happier with the pure luxury that is the result of my seemingly endless trial-and-error. But, first, a little background on what inspired this new product.

The Road to Luxury

I LOVE baths. I love the hot water, the aromas of organic essential oils dancing in the air, and, most of all, detoxing my body from the daily pollutants it encounters. So, I’ve always been an advocate for bath salt soaks since they are amazing at detoxing and smell heavenly. But, lately I felt like mixing it up and seeing what this bath bomb craze was about, and I thought, “This should be easy to find one that’s natural!” Wrong. Almost every single one was NOT organic and natural like it stated (thanks not-organic-ingredients-that-definitely-could-have-been or extra stuff that no one needs), and they were dyed with who knows what. Personally, I live in a rental, so, 1. I did not want to take the risk of accidentally dying the tub, and 2. I do not want to soak in dyes and pesticides for an hour or two. Gross. So, I set onward in my quest. I found a few contenders, but I didn’t see where the skin-loving effect were coming from and was underwhelmed enough to not spend $12 on literally just baking soda and citric acid. Therefore, my journey began to craft the ultimate bath bomb. Many weeks and dozens of attempts later, I finally got it.

Why This is the Ultimate Bath Bomb

So, why and I touting this creation like it’s the next miracle on Earth? Because it basically is. This bath bomb not only gives you fizzy, foamy action, but it is chock full of butters, oils, clay, and salt to moisturize, detox, and soften skin all at once. No other bath bomb (that I could find) did every single one of these things and was truly organic and natural, or without dyes or synthetic fragrances. So, let’s take a little look at what’s going on inside.

The Magic Happens on the Inside

The first two things to note are the baking soda and citric acid. These are the components that give you the fizzing and bubbling we all love to watch. I take great care in where my ingredients are coming from, and have made it a priority to only use aluminum-free baking soda and naturally derived citric acid straight from citrus fruits. Neither baking soda or citric acid come in an organic form due to how they are made (at least I’ve yet to find any), so the next best thing is absolutely making sure they are free of as many nasties as possible. Many baking soda actually contains aluminum, which we all know is a metal you should stay far away from, and many people are allergic to it. Aluminum has also been linked to certain neurological disorders, and even Alzheimer’s disease! So, you definitely don’t want to be soaking in it for hours on end, and that’s why I’ve made it a priority to keep it out.

The next component is organic arrowroot powder. Most bath bombs contain corn starch, and not the organic or non-GMO kind. Corn starch is a highly processed additive and can contain all sorts of chemicals depending how it’s made. Some corn starch may even contain lead. Obviously, this is no good, and, again, you do not want to be soaking in lead and who knows what for hours on end. Therefore, I chose to use arrowroot powder, organic of course. It is not nearly as processed as corn starch but still give the bath that super silky feeling corn starch does, and its free from gross chemicals. Yay for blessing your body with goodness and purity!

Now for the fun stuff. I use a dreamy combo of organic avocado, olive, almond, and vitamin E oil in the bath bombs to give your skin the love it deserves. As we all have experienced, in the fall and winter your skin can become extremely dry from the cold, so it’s imperative to keep it moisturized. These oils also contain crucial vitamins (like vitamins E & K), fatty acids, and antioxidants to keep your body feeling good on the inside, too.

Additionally, organic, unrefined shea and cocoa butters top off the moisture boost and melt luxuriously in the water, creating a buttery layer on top. When you get out, the butters and oils will stick to your skin, fully encasing your body with nothing but goodness. It’s honestly my favorite part of the whole bath. I love knowing that I’m soaked head to toe in butters and oils that’ll make my skin feel completely renewed.

Last, but not least, I’ve added bentonite clay and ethically derived Himalayan pink salt to the bath butter bomb for a final detoxing effect. On the daily, you can be exposed anywhere from 700,000 to as many as 2,100,000 toxins and chemicals just from your usual activities, and not including food! These toxins build up in your system, and do not just leave. You need to help your body out by exposing it to natural ingredients that absorb those nasties out and don’t let them back in. Both bentonite clay and the pink salt help to ride your body of these nasties and free radicals, helping you feel better from the inside out.

As a fun bonus, you get to choose your choice of organic essential oil and flower for the cherry on top. Each one has its own powers, like energizing or relaxing you, so it’s up to you to decide what you need.

All in all, I could not be more excited for these new bath butter bombs. They do everything I could ever want for you and more for both skin and your insides, making them the perfect addition to your new bath-time routine. Just sit back, relax in the hot water, and let the butter bomb work its magic.

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